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Gabrielle fighting the forces of evil


Site News

A gap in April

Due to a bad bug on my server, the hosting company shut it down. It affected several of my sites and domains.

Luckily I have the Fanfiction site on another server.

But the subsribers of the Weekly Chakram (most probably) experienced a gap in delivery.

It should be working again.

Battle on!


PS: Make sure you white-list email email address so you receive my updates. There are a lot of spam filters filtering the emails to you out and you never receive them.

Xarah on 16/04/14 - 10:26 am (0 Comments)

Say Hi To Your Fellow Xenites

07/27/15 03:54 am
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07/30/13 06:09 pm
2 new-ish stories posted! hope you all enjoy!!!
06/16/13 01:49 pm
Woo! Finally got an account! So hi, I'm RiverTam1, not much of a writer, but I love reading the fics on here, they are amazing :D
12/25/12 03:20 pm
07/03/12 11:11 pm
Xenamar, you have to be logged in to submit a review. The review box is at the end of the story.
05/04/12 08:54 am
I tried to submit a review but I am not able to do so, why?
04/16/12 11:26 am
Hey everybody, I'm an avid fanfiction reader from Portugal and I want to thank you all for all the wonderful stories that keep Xena and Gabrielle in our hearts forever.
12/09/11 06:23 pm
Welcome Sammie. Everybody. Check out the bottom of the emails of the Weekly Chakram. Hint: trivia. Battle on, Xarah
10/19/11 05:11 pm
Hello, everybody. I am a newbie :) I am happy to be here. I hope I will be able to write Xena story soon :) Actually I have one idea in my head :)
Celtic Warrior Princess
09/27/11 04:17 pm
I've been writing small bit of Xena fanfic foe a long time. And i hope to upload a full length one soon. Ilyylylylylyl-sheeeeya!

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